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If you are interested in becoming a co-producer of our company wind turbine, click here to receive the cooperation questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, please send it by email to company IASOS S.A.
The reasons why the company IASOS S.A., from March 2022, decided to turn to co-production, are the following:

1. The final assembly of the wind turbine, in the space desired by the customer - user, requires specialized personnel. Relevant staff training on the premises of a common "trader-importer" is costly and inefficient. Because the assembly requires at least four skilled craftsmen, the "importer-trader" to maintain these technicians has a much higher cost than the corresponding cost of the co-producer. The "trader-importer" has a high cost to offer permanent employment to these employees, because he does not need their work every day. Instead the co-producer will be able to use for the final assembly technicians who already work daily in his own factory.
2. In order to turn an "importer trader" into a co-producer, it is not necessary to he invest in equipment, especially large funds. With simple, common tools he can complete the production process. Most of the production costs, for the co-producer are the cost of remuneration of the technical workers. The IASOS S.A. factory in China, having invested large sums in industrial equipment, free from the phases of the production process that do not need advanced equipment, will be able to increase its production capacity, covering even more of the existing global demand for the wind turbine.
3. The co-producer will in any case employ a number of technical workers in the production process. Thus the cost of dealing with potential technical problems to customers will be much lower than IASOS offering this support.
4. Assembling the wind turbine in its final position, the work of the co-producer does not end there. Inverters and batteries are also required to make the wind turbine useful. Therefore, the financial benefit for the co-producer is not limited to the profit from the completion of the production process, but adds the profit from the trade of inverters and batteries.
5. The mentality and way of thinking of a "trader-importer" is characterized by trying to buy as cheaply as possible and sell as expensive as possible. For this reason, partnerships with exclusive sellers ("traders - importers") per region, often prove to be short-lived. They have not invested anything in fixed assets, they do not have strong ties with the producer, they do not have the same goals as the producer. Instead, the co-producer becomes a member of a family that has common goals and aspirations. When he is free to sell, at the price he thinks is best, in the market he is targeting, he maximizes his profit and can use his profit to improve the production process and reduce production costs.

The person interested in collaboration - co-production, should have the following:

1. Ethical values.
2. Passion for the protection of the environment.
3. Technical knowledge.
4. Facilities (covered space) of at least 500 square meters, with easy access to large trucks to pick up containers.
5. Industrial license for the production of wind turbines.
6. Funds for the purchase of the necessary industrial equipment.
7. Funds for the purchase of wind turbine components.
8. Funds to cover current expenses.

In order to express interest in co-production, one must fill in the attached questionnaire and send it to the IASOS email. If IASOS S.A. is interested in this collaboration, then it will be sent all the financial and technical information regarding the co-production, in order to decide whether to submit a final request for cooperation.