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The founder of the company "IASOS S.A.", Mr. George Karytinos for more than 25 years conducted systematic and intensive research to build a wind turbine model that would meet the following fundamental principles:
1. Operation at low wind speeds.
2. It can be used in farmhouses, even in homes that are located within settlements.
3. Small in size and weight, so it can be installed in vans to meet the needs of nomads. The small volume and the particular shape are not an aesthetic impact on the environment.
4. Low cost, so it can meet the needs of the majority of people, who have no access to electricity. Cost as small as possible, relative to a corresponding diesel engine, in order not only to reduce the consumption of liquid fuel, but also the respective pollutants.
5. High performance. The relationship between the market price and the value of electricity is the best compared to any other form of power generation equipment. This will have like a result more and more people to turn to green energy obtaining the corresponding culture.
6. Excellent durability, so it can be used in any part of the world and work without problems, under extreme weather conditions.
7. Silent so it does not bother the user and those around him, remaining "discreet" as everything favorite.
8. Without any vibration.
9. Easy to install, so additional costs are not needed, either for soil preparation or additional materials for capacity building.
10. Easy to relocate, install and operate on a new position, so the user can empirically select a final installation position so it can work under the best conditions.
11. Maintainable even by unskilled person so avoid any additional costs during operation. Almost all the components can be replaced by parts that can easily find in the local market or to manufacture alone, while specialized tools are not required.

The design, the aerodynamic, static and dynamic study of the wind turbine was completed in 2010, when it began the construction of the prototype.
The design was done by applying the most modern aerodynamic theories, using the most advanced simulation software.
While the aerodynamic design of the turbine is ideal for use in a very low wind speed, eventually, after five years of production experience, in order to meet the above objectives, the turbine produces its maximum performance in speeds, 5 m/s to 9,3 m/s, these are the most prevailing wind conditions in most regions of the world.
The first prototype was tested in 2010 in the wind tunnel, where it was confirmed of the theoretical sizes. This was followed by tests for six months, in Sukeng position, municipality Pujiang, Zhejiang province of China.
In 2011 the Chinese government has offered space in "IASOS S.A." to start her production activities at the premises of the exhibition center of machinery and raw materials in Yiwu of Zhejiang province. There the company started the production of model "Greek spirit I". The main building material that it was used was HDPE. Forty six pieces were built on behalf of the city of Tianjin University. Of these, 26 wind turbines were installed in urban areas of Bayan Nur and Ordos in Inner Mongolia and the other 20 pieces were installed in Jambyl region of Kazakhstan.
The experience of the operation of the wind turbines "Greek spirit I", often under extreme weather conditions, offered the experience so "IASOS S.A." in January 2012 starts to product the model "Greek spirit II". The differences between model "Greek spirit I" and “Greek spirit II’’ were that it had an automatic blade pitch change mechanism and also as a basic building material they used high density PVC. The use of blade pitch change mechanism was needed to maintain the same high level of efficiency and in very high wind speeds.
At the end of the same year the construction of two more models was began, "Heraclitus I" and "Democritus I" in trying to address the basic characteristic of the wind turbine to produce maximum power at very low wind speeds!
While all wind turbine manufacturers struggle to achieve that their turbines operate in low wind speeds the "IASOS S.A." tried the exact opposite!
Models "Heraclitus I" and "Democritus I", except from the automatic blade pitch adjusting mechanism, have within them up to four generators. So every time the wind speed exceeded some limits they get activated gradually, one by one all the generators,so they can produce more and more electricity and offer the turbine to increase the load.
The cost, however of the models "Heraclitus I" and "Democritus I" was extremely high, cancelling the main objective of the wind turbine, to meet the needs of poor households.
So "IASOS S.A." started in 2013 to produce models "Hercules I" and "Thales I", on where some aerodynamic changes were applied to reduce the efficiency of the turbine at low wind speeds but without installing automation, wind turbines can efficiently operate in large wind speeds.
Both models were manufactured, using as a core building block of high density PVC material.
In 2014 the company started the production of "Hercules II" and "Thales II " whose individual components are now made of PVC with the injection method, and they were equipped with a new charger controller, that it was manufactured by "IASOS SA "
Since the beginning of 2015 the company "IASOS S.A." joined the group of companies "Agarwal Group of Companies" and has been a shareholder of the company "PRINE LTD".
In December of 2015 the company moved to Pingxiang City, Hebei Province in northern China. That was the time that the new static and dynamic studies were completed. Both studies were about the construction of the main structural components with layered construction (sandwich) coated stainless steel and aluminum core cell. Furthermore the smooth operation of the wind turbine under the most adverse weather conditions.

In this new factory "IASOS S.A." installed the necessary specialized machinery and began building the model "Thales III", with basic building construction material stainless steel. This was possible by using aviation technology.
In the spring of 2016, the company "PRINE LTD" was transformed the company "ANEMOS ENERGIES PVT LTD", based in Goa, India. The construction of the second factory began considering the increasing production capacity and to meet the demand for the wind turbines.
Since the summer of 2016, "IASOS S.A." constructs the generators, which installed inside the turbine in order to ensure high efficiency and excellent quality of the individual components of the wind turbine.
The model "Thales III" is produced in large quantities and is used mainly by farmers, but also by governmental agencies of many Asian countries to meet the electricity needs of remote areas.
In early 2017 the company began production of the "Thales IV" model in which it installs a generator without an iron core (coreless). The model "Thales IV" was the first model of the company, which in basic version produces 48 KVA/day.

In the summer of 2018, the company began production of the "Iasos I" model. It is made of steel, while the fins are made of carbon fiber. Maximum power can reach 60 kilowatts a day.
It is a wind turbine that meets all the specifications of the previous models, but also the following:
a. It can be equipped with a silent petrol engine, so that in long periods without wind, the batteries are automatically charged. This does not require the installation of a large number of batteries, while the autonomy in electricity is absolute.
b. It can accept a second generator so that in areas with high average wind speeds, it is possible to double the power.
c. It can accept automatic diffusers, which automatically close, in periods of intense winds, protecting the wind generator efficiently.

After exhaustive effort of many years, and huge investments, "IASOS S.A." can now boast that she achieved her objectives...

Already, more than 3,5 MW total power, wind turbines "IASOS S.A." is "out there", revolving continuously and shine, not only without polluting, but eliminating pollutants ...

We continue with the same passion ...