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Question - Answer
What is the difference between your wind generators and the known, like an airplane propeller? Why should I choose your wind turbine instead of a conventional?
The differences are substantial and the advantages of our wind generators are many.
1. Excellent quality, reasonable price
Dividing the total, the final cost of installing a wind turbine, with the maximum real power of this, we can calculate the coefficient of performance.
Our wind generators present the best rate of return, of all the wind turbines, either vertical or horizontal axis.
Usually the purchase price of a wind turbine is much smaller than the final cost of the buyers, because installation requires significant expenditure, which is not evident from the beginning. But in the case of our wind generators, the final installation cost is only the purchase price and freight. It doesnít require any other expense, or one additional screw, or skilled craftsmen, or crane, cement nor configuration spaceÖ
2. Zero annoyance from noise or vibration.
Our wind generators donít produce noise or even any form of pollutants. Our wind generators present zero vibration. It works flawlessly under a wide range of weather conditions.
3. Zero maintenance cost.
Our wind generators donít require maintenance.
Anyone can repair even the most serious damage without professional knowledge or special tools.
4. Electricity Production in a very big wide range of wind speeds.
Our wind generators outweigh technologically any other wind turbine in market, because it can offer the maximum electrical power to a wide range of wind speeds, which basically only enormous and extremely expensive wind generators can achieve.
Can I use this wind turbine at home?
Of course! You can put the wind turbine anywhere you like, wherever thereís wind, and with one common cable you connect it to your home. Our wind generators are not for governments or big corporations. It is a machine to offer energy independence to the common persons and families.
Are your wind turbines waterproof? Can they stand outdoors?
  Yes, they are waterproof, because they can work only out-door, wherever thereís wind.
With your wind generator, can we turn on an air conditioner?
Exactly. You can feed any electrical appliance, which depends on the total amount of energy that your inverter can provide. For example, if you have a 3000 Watt inverter, you can turn on electrical appliances that would not consume more than a total of 3000 Watt.
If I have your wind generator and some batteries while sometimes there's no wind for days and the batteries are dry, can I revert to the electricity grid?
Yes. If your home or the building is connected to the electric grid, when you install the wind turbine, you will use an electric double induction switch to connect it with the grid. With this switch, it is very easy, at any time, to change the source of electricity, from the wind turbine to the grid and vice versa.
If there's no wind, can I use a fan and make it work to produce energy? Need I have a big fan?
In no case should you use a fan. This is not smart. If thereís no wind, you will consume the energy stored in the batteries. The average family in Europe consumes 17.000 watt per day. The excess energy produced by the turbine would automatically be stored in the batteries and when thereís no wind or the wind speed is low, the batteries would automatically supply electricity for your home.
How much wind is needed to produce 24 kw/day?
  The minimum average wind speed, is 5 meter/second, about 4 Beaufort.
Which inverter do I need?
First you must find how much is the peak energy, that you consume and how many Kw is the peak power. You must calculate how much is the peak energy when all your electrical appliances work, for example your air conditioner, heater, washing machine, television, refrigerator, computer etc; and then you simply choose the inverter that matches your peak energy.
If you want to use all your electric devices at the same time, you would have high peak power needs and thus you would need an inverter with bigger capacity. But if you use your electric appliances wisely, you will need a less and cheaper inverter.
If I need maximum 4.000 watt for the heater, the light, the TV and computers and so on, I must buy a peak power 4000 watt inverter, right?
  Better 5.000 watt, because the parameter provided by the factory is sometimes inaccurate. It will be better to purchase one bigger inverter than what you indeed need .
What mean off-grid inverter and what mean on-grid inverter?
Off grid means that in every case the inverter is powered by your batteries and in turn supplies your home.
On grid means that the inverter is powered by your batteries, and when the batteries are full, it automatically starts to feed the electric power company. A prerequisite is the electrical company to accept to buy your electricity produced.
If I use wind generator and batteries and when there's no energy, I use electricity provided by the company, do I need on and off grid inverter? If I do not sell my extra energy, do I need it?
No. You only need off-grid inverter. If the wind generator doesn't give you energy, you just need one switch to get back to the grid of the electric company. Using the switch you can either take energy from electric company or from the turbine.
You can also use the extra equipment of the "Iasos I" wind generator to install a silent gasoline engine inside the wind generator. Every time you run out of electricity, the engine will automatically start and charge the batteries. So you will be totally autonomous.
What is the best type of batteries for use with the wind turbine?
  Better buy the batteries from local market. The best type is OPZS.
Which size of batteries do I need?
  It depends on how much energy you want to store.
If your consumption is 16 Kw per day and want energy stored for two days (32 Kw), the batteries should be: 48 dcv, 800 Ah.
How many batteries should I buy? The more I have would be the better?
The more, the better is applicable for the place where there is no wind for many days.
To decide how many batteries, you must know how many days can happen to stay without wind. Each battery is Volt * Ambers = Watt. Four batteries (connected in series) would be 48 volt * 400 Ambers = 19.200 watt. If the batteries are OPZS, you can have 80% of this energy. This means 15.360 watt.
If you need more, you can make one more array of four batteries and connect the two or more battery array parallel to each other.
What is "Cut in speed" and "Cut out wind speed"?
"Cut in speed" is the minimum wind speed which is required to rotate the turbine.
At the "Cut Out wind speed" the controller uses brake to stop the turbine from rotating. It is the maximum wind speed with which wind turbine can operate.
How can I measure the wind?
You donít need to measure. The data is freely available on the internet. Go to the meteorological services and you should be able to find a map with annual average wind speed. You need average yearly wind speed instead of the current speed.
How much wind is needed to produce 800 watt/day?
  You mean 800 watts per hour.
Please look the wind generators charts.
Apart from the initial costs (turbine, inverter, batteries), is there any maintenance cost?
  Maintenance cost is about zero for our wind generators.
How long can the wind generator last? The inverter? The battery?
The materials for wind generator are stainless steel, PVC and Aluminium 6063. The wind generator are for 50 years. The inverters normally are for at least 10 years. There are batteries for 10 years but there are others for only 2 years.